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Getting started with Deep Learning Caffe Framework - Fastest way(Installation +Web Demo)

Here is the fastest way to get started with caffe deep learning framework with installation and basic we application demo for image classification :

Installation : Here i am using caffe official ubuntu image and running it on docker . Follow the steps mentioned below :
1.) Install docker setup on your machine . Follow this link :
2.) I have build caffe ubuntu image and push to docker hub . You can pull it in to your local.
docker pull anishratnawat/caffe_deep_learning
3.)Run this command on terminal :
docker run -ti -p 5000 anishratnawat/caffe_deep_learning bash  
 // it will download the image if its not downloaded before.
// When downloading finishes , terminal will enter in to image bash and your terminal will change to :
If you install any necessary packages inside that image then you need to commit it to make changes persist .
docker commit <ContainerId> <NewImageName>