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Opencv Java Web Integration on eclipse ubuntu

Using opencv java , you can develop web application which uses opencv image processing libraries on the server.
1.) Eclipse Java J2EE version.
2.) Install opencv using configure and download opencv

Now, we will define OpenCV as a user library in Eclipse, so we can reuse the configuration for any project. Launch Eclipse and selectWindow –> Preferences from the menu.

Navigate under Java –> Build Path –> User Libraries and click New....

Enter a name, e.g. OpenCV-2.4.9, for your new library. Now select your new user library and click Add External JARs.... Browse through /home/anish/opencv-2.4.9/build/lib and select opencv-249.jar. After adding the jar, extend the opencv-249.jar and select Native library location and press Edit.... Select External Folder... and browse to select the folder /home/anish/opencv-2.4.9. If you have a 32-bit system you need to select the x86 folder instead of x64. Your user library configuration should look like this:
You have successfully config…